Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Miss Bev

A number of you have noticed Bev has been absent from the Muses (and also Digitalmania) for a week or two  and are clearly keen to know that she is OK.

I spoke to her a couple of days ago and asked if I could let you all know what has been happening and below is what she wanted me to tell you on her behalf.

Bev is 88 and has had a number of health issues this winter starting with pneumonia..  She calls it the Winter of her Discontent, but hopes to return to the challenges in a couple of weeks.  She will tell you she feels she has seen every =ologist excepting the archeologist and paleontologist!!   

And she also thanks you all for your concern.

(You'll find this week's challenge on the post below)


  1. PHEW!! We are reassured and relieved.
    We wish a quick recovery to our dear Bev.
    Please tell her we miss her but she has to take all the time she needs to get back to us in good shape.
    We will wait for her, loyal to the post.
    Her sense of humour is still there, so that's perfect.
    Thank you so very much indeed for the news Miss Ann!

  2. Yes thank you, I was starting to worry about her I was missing her rye comments and her beautiful downhome art. She is a pistol and a sweetheart and a wonderful blog friend.

  3. I miss her and wish her well. Hugs to Bev.


  4. My warm greetings to dear Bev. I'm waiting for she recovers soon and is back with us again ❤️🌹

  5. Please pass on good wishes. Vee xx

  6. So sorry to hear that Bev is ill. Get well soon!!I am still without my computer and files. I have been waiting for the mover since Dec when we moved from Coos Bay OR to Fort Wayne IN! I have nothing. My church donated some furniture and kitchen items but all of my clothes are also somewhere on a truck, so I am told. I have been scammed so I have hired an attorney and criminal charges. It's been hell. My husband passed away on Valentine's Day and that has added to my sadness.
    I wanted you to know that as soon as I get my belongs I will be back. I miss allof you and my blogger sisters. I will be back!

    1. Ohlala! My poor creature... What a sad story. I was worryig about you since few weeks, but could hardly imagine and believe that... Entirely with you from my deep heart my friend. Best wishes for all your life be as normal as possible. And my deepest condolences on your bereavement. Come back as soon as possible!

  7. please let Bev know we are thinking of her, praying for her, and visualizing her well and strong. i miss her art and wit! xo