UPDATE : 23 March 2020

A Note From Marie

To my fellow bloggers I am sending my first bulletin regarding my situation, health-wise.

I deeply appreciate the good wishes you have sent me and it is touching to know I'm not forgotten. I have had a very illness-free life so it was a surprise when I had a life-threatening medical emergency necessitating surgery followed by two months in hospital and another 4-5 months under the care of a hospital-in-the-home service. I am improving from day to day. I am pleased to report that I have regained strength in walking (now without aids) and I am becoming more independent and almost well enough to cope with living alone.

My daughter saved my life in so many ways. She refused to give up on me and she nagged and bullied (in the nicest possible way)and persuaded me to believe the fight was worth fighting. She lives in the same street only a minute or two away if help is needed.

My problems melt into insignificance with the pandemic now affecting the lives of every person living on the planet. I wish you all a safe journey through the mayhem of life changing rules and the attack on the economy.

A big thank you to all of you for your thoughtfulness and good wishes.

From Marie aka Ozstuff

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Three Muses - Africa

The "Dark Continent" and its mysteries offers endless art opportunities.   I've always loved Nick Bantock's African pieces, and this one is inspired by his work.  Hopefully, you will enjoy visiting Africa and sharing your art expressions with us!   For a great book recommendation, see my blog here.       ................. Bev


  1. This is fabulous, my friend. I love Bantock's art too. Mine is here:


  2. Oh nicely done, Bev.

    Mine is on my blog.


  3. Here is my entry.


  4. Wow! This is lovely, Bev! Mine is here

  5. Here's mine:


  6. Gorgeous example!!!


  7. A beautiful sample Bev!
    Mine is on my blog.
    Thanks for looking. xx

  8. Beautifully made collage, Bev.
    Mine is on my blog HERE.
    Thanks for looking.

  9. Here is my entry.
    thanks for looking

  10. Beutifhttp://artbyritva.wordpress.com/2014/08/21/three-muses-africa-2/ul inspiration, here is mine.

  11. I got carried away, love the african colors - I did some more.

  12. I really enjoyed making my collage for the theme it is here

    If you want to know how to add 'here' to your comment the I have added it to my post

    Love Chrissie x

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  14. A very inspiring theme, and I'd love to join if I have time!

    However, I wish to let you know that I feel strongly against the use of the expression "Dark Continent" when speaking of Africa. Even in quotation marks, it is a remain of the Eurocentrist world view of the colonial era, and possibly insulting to many readers. You may want see an example of the recent public discussions on the term here: here

    I'm sure you didn't mean no harm, but this kind of things you need to be really considerate of in our global community!

  15. I thank Salla for her input, and apologize to any of our blog friends who might have been offended by the term. I used it in perfect innocence, having heard it my entire life without ever assuming any racial connotation whasoever. Again, my apologies.