Monday, 13 August 2012

Proving that we aren't robots

We are receiving quite a few comments regarding the necessity to prove that we aren't robots when leaving comments. In the good old days this wasn't a problem but, since the format has changed to very difficult to read numbers and words (sometimes impossible,) it sometimes takes several attempts to get the code right.

If there is a possibility that you are willing to disable this function it would be much appreciated. There doesn't seem to be a problem with spam for those bloggers who do not use the code check. Thankyou!


  1. I have setup my blog to send me an email for every comment. If a comment happens to be spam, I remove it immediately. I probably had one or two spam comments in the past years.

  2. Unfortunately I do get spam on a daily basis and it drives me crazy. I removed the proove you are not a robot recently and they started to come in on a daily basis again. I guess once they found you, they keep bothering you.
    It is a kind of a problem because I really can see it is almost impossible to read the numbers. I hope blogger will solve the problem soon.

  3. I too have a hard time reading the code on some blogs.

    My blog is fairly new, so the spammers haven't found me yet, but early on in my blog I noticed in my stats that the large bulk of visitors were from notoriously spammy parts of the world. I resolved that by removing myself from showing up in a Google search. (it's somewhere in the setup parts of Blogger.)

    I think Google search is where the bots like to play, and that's one way that they find us. It might make my audience grow more slowly, but I feel that I'm mostly getting viewers with a genuine interest in my blog.

  4. Touch wood, I never get spam on my blog. Any spam email goes straight in a folder where I can delete.

    I hate that blasted thing with a vengeance. I can't read the word and can hardly see the numbers. I almost don't leave comments on sites that have the thing. But I persevere and am left feeling irritable!
    Well said Marie. xx

  5. Yes, proving you are not a robot is very bothersome. I usually try twice to leave a comment on a blog with this option, if after two times it doesn't work, I don't try any longer to leave a comment.

  6. i must admit i sometimes leave without comment when i see that verification is on a blog. and even more i dislike the blogs where i see that code-thing only AFTER having written my comment. then i try to verify, but if not successful immediately i quit the action frustrated!! i just don´t want to spend my time with this!

    on my own blog, i get spam almost daily: up to about 5 mails a day. they do not shine up at the blog, only in my emails... and one click deletes them. so they bother me only little, but that verfication would bother my visitors surely more!

  7. No spam when you change your settings to only registered users (no anonymus reactions), that really does the trick! Please put this up in this message, because I never get any spam....
    I also hate to enter all sorts of codes...
    I tested it, as soon as you allow reactions from anonymus users, the spam start coming. You can change this in your settings!

  8. I agree, Marie, the new verification code on blogger is a real pain.

    As there appears to be a need for the code for some folks let's hope blogger change it to something we can actually see sometime in the near future.

    For me, I'm with Ellie, changing your settings to registered users only stops all the riff raff from leaving unwanted comments.