Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Hi, it's me Ann, and last week I promised prizes to celebrate our 'turning two'.

So, during this week,  Bev, Marie and I  have been busy each creating a Mailart envelope and stuffing it full with all manner of  goodies for the draw.  In consequence there are THREE envelopes ready to be posted out to three of our blog friends.

AND THE WINNERS ARE ……………. drum roll please

SUZEEZ                                                      14
JOHANNA                                                   19
ANA CRISTINA CALDATTO                            45

Congratulations to each of you from each of the Three Muses.
To enable us to mail out your prizes would you email me at with your postal addresses.

Now for the boring but important bits  - there were 53 entries for the BLUE theme (which included, Bev, Marie and myself and a small number of double entries :  when a participant had either sent good wishes and then later entered a piece of art, or where a participant had forgotten to include their link in their first entry and so had to make a second one).  I deducted the Three Muses, and for fairness sake, where a double entry had been made I also deducted one from each so that everyone had one chance of winning.  There were, therefore, 46 names entered into RANDOM.ORG.)

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2011-05-31 19:34:15 UTC

Once again, congratulations to the winners and a hearty thank you to all of you who took part.


  1. Suzeez , Johanna and Ana Christina...You lucky girls !!!!
    My congratulations to you !!!

  2. is it me??????? oh, i´m so excited!! thank you so much!
    i will email you my address now...

    (can you believe my verification word is "bless"?! seems to be my lucky day...)

  3. Lucky winners - congrats to them all! xoxoxo

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  5. uauu maravilha...sou uma das musas!

    que felicidade


    Wow ... I am a wonder of the muses!

    that happiness