Wednesday, 22 September 2010

****MUSEFLASH ****

The Three Muses have just passed 400 followers in the past week. To celebrate, and express our appreciation to all the talented artists who participate in our challenges, we've decided to have a drawing at the conclusion of Marie's mail art challenge. We will draw three names at random, and each artist will receive a mail art envelope created by one of the muses. Which name gets whose envelope will also be determined at random. Be sure to enter the challenge this week and get your name in the hat! We wish we could present one to each and every one of you. You have made our little corner of the blog challenge world immensely fulfilling for each of us. There will be a bit of a time lag, as our Ann is going on a wee bit of a vacation until the last week of October. We'll let you know when the drawing is made so the lucky winners can send us their snail mail addresses.


  1. Oh, you 3 Muses are just awesome!!! I feel like we need a way to thank the three of you!

  2. Superbly well said, Bev!! Has there ever been a group of such friendly, talented people? I don't think so. Imagine having 400 plus followers. Absolutely amazing and fantastic.

  3. CONGRATS Muses..... how awesome is that !!!! but no really thank you guys for allllll the inspiration :)

  4. Congratulation you three!! You have certainly made my art world come to life over the last year... not that is was ever dull before that, but a different life was opened to me.
    Congratulaions on reaching 400... a huge acheivement from such a talented bunch of people!
    I am out of the loop for 3 weeks will get back in touch when I return.
    Happy creating,

  5. What a lovely idea!

    Congrats on the 400 followers and thank you for such wonderful challenges each week.


  6. Wow, Congrats on the 400 folowers!

  7. Congratulations dear Muses!! :) You are all such wonderful inspirational women and It's always a great pleasure to visit your blog(s). I love to join in on your super challenges!! Here's to many more followers and lots of inspiration in future!! Thanks and God bless :)

    Hugs and smiles,
    your fan,

  8. Congratulations, Muses! I think it's me who has to thank you for your challenge blog! It has made art making a weekly pleasure for me, and it has introduced me to so many fantastic people. So: Thank you, Muses!

  9. amazing that number of followers , it's the fact that anything goes that is so appealing, you are left to fill in the challenges to your own ideas and no forcing of it has to be this or that that is so attractive.
    seeing all the different interpretations makes my mouth water . it's a delight to see them all and be inspired by them all. thanks you girls.

  10. What wonderful news!!! Congratulations on 400 followers! I'm not surprised at your following - you run a fabulous challenge site and are always so generous with your respect and praise for all of your contributors!!!! Well done!!! Here's to many more! Love & Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

  11. Am quite new to to the three muses, but have enjoyed being a part of your blog so much and seeing such wonderful art. Congratulations on 400 followers so pleased am one of them. Thank you. x