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A Note From Marie

To my fellow bloggers I am sending my first bulletin regarding my situation, health-wise.

I deeply appreciate the good wishes you have sent me and it is touching to know I'm not forgotten. I have had a very illness-free life so it was a surprise when I had a life-threatening medical emergency necessitating surgery followed by two months in hospital and another 4-5 months under the care of a hospital-in-the-home service. I am improving from day to day. I am pleased to report that I have regained strength in walking (now without aids) and I am becoming more independent and almost well enough to cope with living alone.

My daughter saved my life in so many ways. She refused to give up on me and she nagged and bullied (in the nicest possible way)and persuaded me to believe the fight was worth fighting. She lives in the same street only a minute or two away if help is needed.

My problems melt into insignificance with the pandemic now affecting the lives of every person living on the planet. I wish you all a safe journey through the mayhem of life changing rules and the attack on the economy.

A big thank you to all of you for your thoughtfulness and good wishes.

From Marie aka Ozstuff

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Three Muses Challenge #28 - Bottles & Jars

I learned the legend of the blue bottle tree from the venerated Storyteller, Kathryn Wyndham, of Selma, Alabama. The legend, originating with the African slaves, is that the blue bottles ward off evil spirits, who fly into the blue bottles at night and are trapped, then evaporated with the morning sun. If you're vigilant, you may still see blue bottle trees in the gardens of the south. I may have shared this story before in response to a challenge at Mixed Media Monday over a year ago, but I couldn't resist repeating it. I hope you've enjoyed hearing about it!


  1. What a great story and stunning illustration, Bev.
    My bottles and jars are on my blog:


  2. My bottles are on my blog!

  3. Here is my entry.


  4. http://wwwpeggysamusement.blogspot.com/2009/12/3-muses-bottles-and-jars.html
    Good thing we artists have something called
    "Artistic License"!
    : )

  5. Hi Everyone!!! what a fun challenge...I hope you're all up for some wishes to be granted...

    Here is my piece

  6. So happy to be able to make a piece for this challenge. Here it is on
    My Blog

  7. Hi Everyone,
    my entry is on my blog
    Thanks for looking.

  8. Thanks for this wonderful challenge! My message is a bottle is here.

  9. http://johanna-mixedmediafun.blogspot.com/2009/12/3-muses-bottles-and-jars.html

    you can find my contribution on my blog:)

  10. My grandmother had a bottle tree in her garden. She used all different colors of bottles. They are popular here in the south! My bottle entry is up on my blog.

  11. First time I heard of this blue bottle story. Love it. And your interpretation is beautiful Bev! My entry is on my blog. Looking forward to all other entries.

  12. What an interesting story. By coincidence I have a blue bottle in my piece too - with a lid for keeping the pesky spirits locked in!

  13. Hi all.
    Here is mine, thanks for looking.

    My Jar

  14. My entry is on my blog.
    Thanks for looking.

  15. Hey Bev I love that story and your illustration is perfect.

    You can find my entry on my blog.

  16. Hi, my entry with parfume bottles is in my blog: www.hannastiinanmaalipurkki.blogspot.com,
    thanks for looking and all the comments you have left and maybe will leave and Bev, your bottles in tree with the story are charming.

  17. You always have the most thought-provoking themes and inspiring artwork to accompany them. My piece is on my blog. Thanks for having a look.


  18. Hi everyone! My entry is on my blog http://saksetjaliimaa.blogspot.com/2009/12/three-muses-bottles-and-jars-pulloja-ja.html
    Have a nice day/evening!

  19. Here's my entry. a very masculine fairy in a jar

  20. What a wonderful story! And a great picture, too.

    Here's what I did:

  21. some scented candles (in jars) from me:


    it was so lovely to work with them - my room was filled with scents of Christmas (and I didn't even lit them)

  22. Great challenge Bev,my entry is on my blog.


  23. Here is my bottle art..thank you

  24. I love your challenges! I liked that example when I first saw it Bev!


  25. Here's my Princess Snowflake and Her Special Jar. Please take a look see! LynnF


  26. Here's mine, "When All Else Fails"... plus last week's, which I'm LATE with (AGAIN).


  27. Hello everyone!!! Wonderful entries this week! I have a blue bottle too:) Love, Jamie


  28. Finally completed my challenge, which can be seen here.

    Thanks for another great theme xx

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  30. I have 2 jars/bottles at my shop at mystic2awesome.etsy.com I'm not sure about how to post them here. (still learning) I call them "Energy Vampire Vessels" Energy Vampires are those people who suck out all your positive energy, you know the type..they never have anything positive to say and spread their negativity everywhere they go. The little glass art vessels have certain mystical gemstones and things sealed inside them and they hang by a little chain so you will have protection from these vampires.

  31. Hi:
    My Mom is 100 years old and told me the blue bottle tree story as a young child (I am 60); she use to let me have her empty evening in Paris perfume bottles to trap evil spirits : )
    What a lovely photo, post and I know the venerated Storyteller, Kathryn Wyndham, of Selma, Alabama is a Sweetie too.
    Thank you for sharing with us!!!