UPDATE : 23 March 2020

A Note From Marie

To my fellow bloggers I am sending my first bulletin regarding my situation, health-wise.

I deeply appreciate the good wishes you have sent me and it is touching to know I'm not forgotten. I have had a very illness-free life so it was a surprise when I had a life-threatening medical emergency necessitating surgery followed by two months in hospital and another 4-5 months under the care of a hospital-in-the-home service. I am improving from day to day. I am pleased to report that I have regained strength in walking (now without aids) and I am becoming more independent and almost well enough to cope with living alone.

My daughter saved my life in so many ways. She refused to give up on me and she nagged and bullied (in the nicest possible way)and persuaded me to believe the fight was worth fighting. She lives in the same street only a minute or two away if help is needed.

My problems melt into insignificance with the pandemic now affecting the lives of every person living on the planet. I wish you all a safe journey through the mayhem of life changing rules and the attack on the economy.

A big thank you to all of you for your thoughtfulness and good wishes.

From Marie aka Ozstuff

Saturday, 22 August 2009


Back in June, three muses timidly decided to start an art challenge blog. We put our heads together (well...as much as we could from Australia to the UK to the US); and, after discussion, we decided we wanted it to be a simple blog spot without fancy bells and whistles, just a place where artists in all media could share their work and offer constructive support for one another. The Three Muses blog has succeeded beyond our hopes. We feel our blog family is the cream of the crop, bringing outstanding art to our challenges weekly. Beyond that, our artists are generous in their support of one another. Taking the time to comment on 40 or 50 entries is no small task, but reading supportive comments on your own effort makes it all worthwhile. So, this is Ann, Bev and Marie taking the time to say THANK YOU!


  1. Three muses, three lovely ladies! Thank you!!

  2. I raise my glass with a toast to an awesome trio of talented, creative and generous Muses! Congratulations on your success, and thank you for this wonderful blog! Love & Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. i just found you and am lurking love it!

  4. oooh am raisin my glass too...here's to three gorgeous muses who are doing lovely things for artists...and three cheers...hip hip hooray...hip hip hoooooray...hip hip hooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!

  5. Thank you to you ladies, for creating this wonderful challenge blog, where there's no such thing as, "right or wrong."

  6. I love Three Muses...it is a magical, spectacular place full of lovely artists. It's a sheer pleasure to be here...many thanks to the Darling Muses for creating this blog! Cheers and blessings! LynnF

  7. Glad the 3 of you came together and made the decision to pull this fine challenge site together; the bells and whistles are really the artists and works themselves...all that's truly needed...thanks and welcomes are mutual!
    Regards,and 3 Cheers!


  8. You guys are the best! Between the 3 of you, you produce some of the finest work in the mixed media and digital art community. So it's a priority to me to participate. I'm sorry not to have been able to try every single one, but my time is limited this time of year. When the weather starts to cool off here in the U.S. midwest area, I'll do a lot more.
    Thank you for a wonderful challenge blog.

  9. I just love that you 3 make it all such fun! You are awesomely talented collectively and individually - it's fun taking part every week!
    I'm a busy teddy at the moment, but I wouldn't miss you guys for the world... and what's also so refreshing is that absolutely anything goes.
    Oh and finally. you 3 always leave the BEST comments - it's lovely that you read the blog posts too, cos there's usually a story nehind everything I post!! Lol! =)

  10. I'm joining the toast for you wonderful ladies!! I love your challenges and can hardly wait for wednesday to arrive with your fantastic themes and your wonderful creations!!! I do agree with Rosie 100%, you 3 do leave fanstastic and inspirational comments!
    I live in a small island in norway and I don't have anyone out here to share my facination for art, so your comments and the comments from the others in the blog community mean the world to me!!

    Since I started blogging in may, I've found so much inspiration in participating in yours and other challenges and It's so wonderful to have the opportunity to get aquainted with with your work, and the work of all the other wonderful artists out there!! So keep up the good work,

    My heart appreciates You!!!


  11. Thank you Three Muses!!!
    I am delighted that I found you so that I could take part...


  12. Thank you ladies, it has been an exciting and very creative adventure both viewing and participating in the challenges. Thank you for taking the time to do this for us! Christen

  13. If there is someone to say "thank you", it's me!!!

  14. I want to "Thank you" for such a fun challenge site and I feel honored to join in each week amongst such a talented group of artists. Truly inspirational and supportive!

  15. Thank you, ladies, for creating this wonderful challenge blog.

  16. Thanks for the time it takes to run this blog-as I'm sure it takes time from other things in life..I love the challenges each week.

  17. Ann...Bev...Marie...You three muses certainly are bringing a lot of fun and inspiration to the mixed media blog world. I only wish I could play along more often! Thank you for all of the time and energy it takes to keep your lovely challenge blog going!
    oxoo ~*~ Patty

  18. Dear friends,
    Although i can't imagine how it feels to have so much succes with a challenge blog..what i CAN; is see so much sence of well-being and warmth that your site is given us followers !
    We all come from different countries and we are all friends. There are times that i wished that the whole world could see what you three are doing here !
    We are 'linked' with each other true Art and discover and sharing that same feeling.
    For me is this so cherished !!
    There are times that i'm so busy "behind the screens" but a part of the wednesdays are reserved for you !

    Hearty greetings from me and a big hurrayyy !