Sunday, 14 June 2009


The Three Muses would like to thank you all for the astounding response to our very first challenge. We hoped to offer a venue for art of all types, and an atmosphere of generosity and support. We accomplished that beyond our greatest hopes, as evidenced by the broad diversity of responses, and the generous comments posted from artist to artist. We're looking forward to all the challenges to come! Given our time zones, when Bev is having her morning coffee, Ann is having lunch and Marie is getting ready for bed. This means one of us is usually available at any time, should you have questions. Again, THANK YOU, and a big standing ovation to all of you!


  1. Thanks to you ladies too! You're all so kind and helpful...I'm really enjoying being a part of this! ~Lori

  2. I'm Following, and tickled to death you've got my Freebies button! But where is YOUR button, for us to put on our blogs? And an email button? If you'd like to email me & discuss, I'd be only too delighted to write them for you as my little Welcome To A Great Site present.

  3. Point well taken, Susie. We'll get our heads together on that!

  4. What a great idea from Susie ! A button would be perfect my friends ! I already see it pop-up to sooooo many blogs ! :-)
    But about your first Challenge.
    WHY do you think that so much bloggers partcipate !! BECAUSE OF YOU THREE !!!
    The warmth which you 'radiate' (I hope I translate well) - the willingness to be ready for another one - and the kindness which we read in your words.
    Thats why !
    I look forward to the next challenge

  5. A huge ovation to my three friends too!!!! :O)))

    Yes, this blog shows exactly that there isn't time or place!!! We are together all the time!!!

    Note: And I'm in Brazil, between Ann and Marie!!! He he he!!!

    Hugs, Three Muses!!!

  6. I think you're gonna be a huge hit!! Rarara!! =)